I am Jane and I automate and structure all the processes that come to my hands. I have been doing this for Acrobator.VC portfolio startups, Fuelfinance, WarmDevs, Places App, UkraЇner, Sensters, Empat and 20+ other companies.

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Let’s Build Your Ops Lego Together

For seed / A startup / Scale-ups Consultation Project work
🕹  Subscription base Solution per your request 🏋 Single Project
Operations check up Bespoken solution for your problem
Personal timeline with all the action points
Your OM personal training and PDP creation
Process Description (AS IS TO BE)
Instructions Procedures descrip.
Team Training
Video materials of all the trainings
My set up of all the processes altogether with the OM
Automations (AI possible)
Slack support 1 month of Slack support

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How to get my help:

When I'm not catching waves surfing, carvering (I mean skating with a carver 🙂), visiting museums, or playing basketball, you can find me planning my world round trip. If you have some crazy dreams, email me and we can fulfil them together. I mean it.

What I do?


Operations done right... and left

Interested in my advice, energy, hobbies?

I am here for you! I'm investing my time into proactive founders! Happy to read about your dreams or help with your challenges

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